Design Journey Art Class

The Design Journey Art Class is a free online course for beginners and creative hobbyists who want to learn basic drawing techniques. The course starts off by covering the foundations of each topic, and is therefore ideal for beginners. However, this course is also perfect for advanced creatives who have always wanted to learn more about perspective drawing, for example. You can also learn how to use watercoloured pencils here. Or have you ever wanted to learn how to draw with ink or paint with watercolour paints? Then this course is exactly what you need.



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Our Experts and Online Courses

Dan Beardshaw – Drawing in Perspective

Learn to draw in perspective!
Dan Beardshaw, self-taught artist, popular YouTuber and practising architect, will help you to build up some integral skills for realistic drawing: drawing in perspective and drawing textures. He will introduce you to one point, two points and three points perspective and will help you create some realistic, natural textures. Although perspective drawing sometimes seems to be very complex, Dan will break the topic down for you: simple exercises form the basis for approaching perspective drawings.

Learn to draw in perspective


Melanie Übleis – Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques

Discover great drawing techniques with coloured pencils!
Melanie Übleis, the creative head behind the YouTube channel Visual Mind will introduce you to the different techniques you can create with coloured pencils. Experience the fun of creating effects with watercolour pencils and learn how to best combine them with permanent coloured pencils. 

Learn coloured pencil drawing techniques


Kalliopi Lyviaki – Drawing with Ink and Watercolours

Ink and watercolours going hand in hand!
Kalliopi Lyviaki is a creative mastermind and loves to let her creativity sparkle. In her course she takes you along her adventures with inks and watercolours. Get ready to be swept away by her skills and style.

Learn how to draw with ink and watercolours


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