Upcycling – Marbles game

There‘s a ruckus in the box – create your own colourful marbles game and become a marbles king!
Play on your own or with your friends – the player who sinks all 7 marbles into the holes the fastest wins.


Step-by-step tutorial

First print out the pattern templates and the hole template.

Download templates

Then place the box in the middle of the hole template and trace its shape. Next cut out the template along the lines you have just traced. Remember to cut the sheet a little smaller than the one marked so that you can put the template inside the box.

Tip: The lid of, for example, a children‘s shoe box or a chocolate box can be used as the box for the game.

Now take a glue stick and glue the template into the lid. Use a ballpoint pen to punch the holes in the box where they were marked. Then use scissors to cut off the edges on the back.

Important: The preparations in steps 1 and 2 should be done by an adult.


Now it‘s time to colour! Use some Noris colour coloured pencils to colour the drawing in with vibrant colours using your imagination.


Carefully colour in the picture up to the edge so that the playing area is as colourful and looks as good as possible. You could, for example, make it a bright blue sky or a lush green field!


When you have finished the colouring in, place the box precisely on the marked holes in the pattern template and draw the shape of the box again. Then cut the image out a little smaller again so that it will fit well into the box later. Cut out the marked holes with scissors.

Tip: An adult should help with this step as well.

Now you have to create the playing equipment. For this, grab a block of FIMO kids in a colour of your choice and create the balls from ½ portion each. You will need 7 balls for the game. But you can do a few more so you have some spares.

Then harden the balls for 30 minutes in the oven at 110° C / 230° F on upper and lower heat. And now you‘re ready to play!

Tip: You can of course also use different colours. For example, all the colours of the rainbow would look great!

Material overview

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