Upcycling – Rainbow Mobiles

There‘s something magical about rainbows.
Bring the magic into your home and make a homemade upcycling rainbow mobile using an old coat hanger, an old cardboard box and triplus color fibre-tip pens.


Step-by-step tutorial

Print and cut out the rainbow template.

Download template

Then place the rainbow on the cardboard box and trace the shape onto the box a total of 7 times by drawing around the edge with a pencil.

Take some triplus color fibre-tip pens in different colours and colour the rainbows however you want. Colour each rainbow with a different colour gradient so that you can create a colourful and creative mobile at the end.

It does not matter if you colour over the edge, since you will cut out the rainbows later anyway.

Once you have finished colouring, use the scissors to cut out all the rainbows along the pencil lines.

Now take a hole punch or punch pliers and punch a hole in the middle of the top area of each rainbow.

Now cut off 7 pieces of string of different lengths.

Use them to attach the rainbows to the coat hanger. Thread one end of the string through the hole in the rainbow and tie it up. Attach the other end to the coat hanger.

And your homemade rainbow mobile is now ready to be hung up!

Material overview

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