Art and craft materials for children aged 2 and up

Arts and crafts are fun, promote playful creativity and help develop motor skills. Here you will find art materials for children aged 2 and up. The Noris junior range features high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly accessories for painting, drawing and crafting: From your child’s first pencils, crayons and finger paints, to pencil sharpeners and modelling dough: you will find everything they need right here.

Let kids discover the colourful world of creativity with our art and craft materials for young children!

Safe, environmentally friendly art materials for children

Little kids explore the world with their fingers, tongues and mouths. That’s why STAEDTLER’s Noris junior range offers sustainable art materials that…

  • enable playful learning.
  • are fun for young and old alike.
  • support early writing skills.
  • are easy to use.
  • promote creative development and fine motor skills.
  • are safe to use.
  • are dermatologically tested.

Our art materials for children are environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured. The packagings are at least 80% recyclable or reusable.

Playful learning
  • Promotes child development
  • Supports the three-point pencil grip – an important preparation for learning to write
  • Versatile
  • Creative leisure activity
  • Bright colours for amazing artworks
  • Perfect equipment for unlimited creativity
Easy for parents
  • Products are non-sticky
  • Finger paints come with an ergonomic closing cap
Easy for children
  • Ergonomic pencils for children
  • Compact format is perfect for small hands
  • Easy colour transfer so kids can colour with minimal effort
  • Modelling dough is soft and easy to shape
Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Our pencils are made exclusively of certified wood from sustainably managed forests
Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Our cardboard packagings are made of at least 80% recycled material
  • Our cardboard packagings are 100% recyclable
  • Some packagings are reusable
Safe ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • CE-compliant products
  • Made in Germany (coloured pencils, graphite pencils, pencil sharpeners, modelling dough)
Safe to use
  • No small parts or choking hazards
  • Extra shatter-resistant, thanks to their thick core

Drawing, crafting and playful learning with young children

The art materials for children aged 2 and up have been tested by educational experts and teachers – and found to be excellent!

  1. 3-in-1 pencils are extremely versatile: The ergonomic Noris junior pencils for kids are not just colouring pencils: they can also be used as wax crayons or as watercolour pencils, using a brush and some water. This gives little ones their first experiences with colour, so they can experiment to their heart’s content.
  2. Children’s pencils prepare kids to write their first words and promote a secure pencil grip.
  3. Wax crayons are optimised for children’s fists and promote the development of the hand and finger muscles.
  4. Pencils sharpeners can be used by right or left-handed children, thanks to their “dual sharpening” design, and have a flat sharping angle that promotes thick and soft colour transfer.
  5. Finger paints are also a valuable educational tool. These paints for children appeal to the senses and teach kids how to mix different colours.
  6. Modelling dough promotes three-dimensional thinking, fine motor skills, sensitivity and regulation of force. With these craft materials, kids can develop their sensory abilities as they learn that the modelling dough becomes easier to shape when kneaded.

Our product range of art and craft materials for kids: an overview

Here you can find an overview of our range of art and craft materials, as well as creative ideas for painting and drawing with children.


3-in-1 crayons for nursery school and preschool

Three functions in one crayon – these thick crayons for small children are perfect for unlimited creativity!

  • 3-in-1: a colour pencil, wax crayon and watercolour pencil in one
  • The Noris junior crayons are suitable for children aged 2 and up
  • 18 bright colours for paper, card, glass and even dark surfaces
  • Little pressure required, thanks to easy colour transfer
  • Keep your children’s hands clean: the wooden shaft lets their creativity run wild without getting their hands dirty
  • Compact format is perfect for small hands
  • Extra shatter-resistant, thanks to their thick core
  • Dermatologically tested
  • PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Made in Germany
  • Sharpener included
  • 3-in-1 crayons in 4 pack sizes

Creative tip: Draw a flower stem without a flower, a snail without a shell or a steam ship without smoke as a template. Children can use the crayons to complete your pictures with scribbles in different colours.


Pencil for children

Little children are eager to please and start their first writing attempts early on. The best utensils to support them are children’s pencils.

  • Extra large format for an optimal grip
  • Won’t roll away, thanks to hexagonal shape
  • Extra shatter-resistant, thanks to their thick core
  • PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Made to fit Noris junior sharpeners

Creative tip: Draw dotted shapes like an apple or a boat. Kids can copy the drawings using the art supplies.



Wax crayons for children

The perfect first crayons from the Noris junior range.

  • Bright colours and easy colour transfer
  • Ideal for large drawings on paper, cardboard, glass and dark surfaces
  • Suitable for many drawing techniques
  • Extra shatter-resistant, thanks to their compact format
  • Hexagonal shape prevents them from rolling off the table
  • Wrapped in paper to keep hands clean
  • Easy to sharpen
  • 3 pack sizes: 6, 12 and 18 crayons

Creative tip: Place objects or materials with a textured surface under a thin sheet of paper. Then rub the paper with the crayon to reveal the texture. This can be used to create beautiful effects that can be used as picture postcards, for example.




To keep the fun going, the Noris junior pencil sharpener is a practical accessory that lets kids safely and easily sharpen their crayons for further use.

  • Flat sharpening angle for thick, soft colour transfer
  • “Dual sharpening”: Rotate either the pencil or the sharpener
  • For left and right-handed children
  • Conical shape: comfortable for all hand sizes
  • Suitable for Noris junior and comparable 3-in-1 pencils with a 13–16 mm diameter
  • Also suitable for Noris junior graphite pencils and wax crayons
  • Durable, high-quality blade
  • Blade guard on the outside
  • Pencil sharper with a large capacity for clean sharpening
  • Made in Germany

Creative tip: Sharpen different colours to create a little pile of coloured pencil shavings. Kids can use their finger to rub them across the paper in circular motions or straight lines. This creates brilliant colour mixtures or pretty flowers.



Finger paints

Paint with bright colours using your fingers – a creative paradise! As well as being immense fun for kids, the finger paints are also ideal for developing colour recognition, experimenting with colour and promoting an understanding of cause and effect.

  • Intense, light-fast colours
  • Apply with fingers, a sponge, spatula or paintbrush on paper, card, wood and glass/windows
  • Lasts a long time on windows
  • Easy to mix
  • Quick to dry
  • Available in bottles of 750 ml and tubes of 75 ml

Creative tip: Put a little finger paint on a plate and dilute the paint with water. Then make a watery splash of paint on a sheet of paper. Now, kids can blow through a straw to create a funny monster with lots of little arms. Draw a pair of eyes and a mouth – and the blob monster is ready.



Modelling dough

This craft accessory for kids is made of just the right material to playfully develop a feel for shapes and colours.

  • Modelling dough in pots in eight colours
  • Four basic colours: green, yellow, red, blue
  • Four special colours: orange, pink, green, azur
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Extra soft and clean
  • Easy to knead, squash and roll
  • Non-sticky

Creative tip: Wash out an empty aluminium can and stick coloured card over the label. Kids can use the modelling dough to make eyes, a mouth and other fun features to bring their new friend to life.


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