Magic Motifs – Colouring Mandalas

Mandalas derive from Buddhist and Hindu cultures in which for centuries they have gained currency as images for meditation. A mandala pattern is mostly round, geometrically arranged around a centre point. It is perfect for expressing creativity, where enjoyment in colouring brings a certain kind of fulfilment. Here on our page you’ll find some complimentary mandala colouring patterns to print out and colour in. In addition, you can use our Mandala Creator to produce your own colouring patterns or be inspired by different artists. 

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Mandala Creator

Create a mandala and colour it in

Using elements produced by our artists, 
create your own personal mandala.

Open the Creator

or choose from mandalas already created by our artists!
In the Artists area you’ll find ready-made mandala patterns for downloading and printing.

Mandala artists from across the world

This is where you’ll get to know our artists and their mandalas. They will inspire you with simple step-by-step instructions for creating your very own mandalas and give you a personal insight into their work. You’ll rediscover their individual mandala elements in our Mandala Creator. You want to get colouring right away? No problem, there are colouring patterns here, free to print out and colour in.

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